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Sweet Future Project Inc is a program that seeks out the young entrepreneurial mind and provides the tools, support system, and guidance necessary to transform their ideas and aptitude of business into their own companies. In our program, we will teach them about business management, business ethics, customer service, financial responsibility, community outreach, and personal accountability in an exciting hands-on learning environment combined with interactive online training modules.
We will provide an incentive program to reward the participants with business related prizes that will increase in value with each step on the completion chart up to the final reward which will be the opening of their own business. The hands-on portion will be a candy store that will be its own freestanding entity, but its primary purpose will serve as a learning facility to give the participants a firsthand perspective of how to run a business from front-line operations to executive management (from the front door to the top floor).

Our vision came about due to concern regarding the state of many of the small businesses that used to beautify our neighborhoods. Places that were a major part of our childhood are now either dilapidated, bankrupt, and consumed by larger corporations to the point of complete abandonment and closure. As time goes on and society changes, certain industries are seemingly monopolized by corporate giants and overshadow the small business.

However, we see a resolution. As technology advances with time, innovative thinkers are born. These thinkers lie within the youth in our community, some of which have a brilliant understanding of business processes that should be cultivated and nurtured. We see not only the benefit, but the necessity in grasping the talents of the children who possess the passion and potential to be business leaders in our community and giving them all that they need to develop their skills and successfully accomplish entrepreneurship. 

Excited Children in Science Class

In the young mind, there are opportunities to contribute to the presence of small businesses in our neighborhoods thus providing jobs, diverse products, positive stimulation to the economy, and overall… a Sweet Future!


8790 F Street; Suite 303 Omaha, NE

info@sweetfutureproject.com  |  +1 402-305-7589

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