We challenge you to be well... be happy... be balanced. Take it day by day and be the best you!
This is where we will post various ongoing challenges designed to help you set small, yet attainable, personal goals and do something each day towards the achievement of those goals. All of the challenges are positive natured and geared towards some level of personal progress. You can join challenges and participate at your leisure. Do them alone, in teams, with family or friends... Or if you want, engage in a little friendly competition. 
Participation is completely free and you can opt out at anytime. Everyone is welcome to join in on these challenges. Once you join your challenge, you will receive access to your personal challenge calendar where each day holds a new activity. Once you complete your challenge, you will receive a digital medal that you can show off, post, or simply reflect on. Nonetheless, give yourself a pat on the back for prioritizing yourself and setting positive goals.