Sweet Future Project | Virtual Spelling Challenge | Practice Words10/25/2020

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Sweet Future Project | Virtual Spelling Challenge | Practice Words 10/25/2020

1. abate (verb) - Definition: To lessen, reduce. 2. acme (noun) - Definition: The highest point of something. 3. bestow (verb) - Definition: To give as a present or an award. 4. conceited (adjective) - Definition: Being full of oneself, vain. 5. credible (adjective) - Definition: having a reputation for being trustworthy, believable. 6. dogma (noun) - Definition: A set of beliefs established by an authority. 7. dilute (verb) - Definition: to water down; to weaken. 8. elude (verb) - Definition: To avoid with skill or cunning. 9. emote (verb) - Definition: To show emotion, especially in acting. 10. fawn (noun) - Definition: a young deer, especially an unweaned one. 11. flaunt (verb) - Definition: To display shamelessly or offensively. 12. glib (adjective) - Definition: Speaking or performing offhandedly, casually. 13. hydrate (noun) - Definition: To supply with water. 14. icon (noun) - Definition: A person who is idolized; a religious or important symbol. 15. irate (adjective) - Definition: Extremely angry. 16. judge (noun) - Definition: A public officer authorized to hear and decide cases in a court of law. 17. kinetic (adjective) - Definition: Relating to or of movement; active. 18. legal (adjective) - Definition: Permitted by law. 19. matter (noun) - Definition: Something that occupies space. 20. noisy (adjective) - Definition: Making much noise.

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