Sweets for Sweet Future Fundraiser Update

We have our very first winner! Congratulations to Angelica Stevenson for finding the first winner lid in her jar of treats! She won a halo light w/ microphone set. We thank you for your contribution, unconditional support, and we hope the halo light is a beneficial tool for you and your family. 🥳🥳🥳

So far we have raised nearly $270 since we launched this year's Sweets for Sweet Future Campaign!

Thank you to all who have and will support us as we embark on our journey to a Sweet Future!

Supporter Spotlight: Angelica Stevenson is a mother, wife, talented author, motivational speaker, radio personality and creator of the Higher Connections & Communications Program. We are delighted to have her on our Board of Directors and her spirit of enlightenment, positivity, and love is sure to rub off on all of our future program participants.

Please follow and connect with her if you want to be renewed and uplifted by her wonderful program.

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