The Sweet Future Masks are ready!!!!

Your $10 Donation will get you this sweet 100% cotton 2-Layer Mask!

Order yours today! Support youth entrepreneurship!

We are still waiting to receive our funds so we can FINALLY move forward on our plans!

It feels good to say that since we've been planning for so long and as happen as we started to gain a little traction, the pandemic really stopped us and set us back.

We value everyone's health and safety very much. We had to shut down for a while to consider how we can modify our plans to ensure that when we come back we can do so safely.

When we do resume, meetings will be virtual and should we need to come together for any reason, we will only do so in groups of 5 or less and do a quick temp check. Sign-In will be required for each visit.

We will provide a mask of you don't have one, hand sanitizer, antibacterial hand soap for frequent hand-washing, and will be following the rules of social distancing.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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