This is our concept... take a moment with us to delve into our vision.

Dear Sweet Future Supporters...

This is our concept... take a moment with us to delve into our vision. 💖

Our ultimate goal is a place where our Youth Entrepreneurs can get hands on learning in a real business environment... from the front door to the Executive floor!

Our candy store will provide summer job opportunities to high school students ages 16-17 and internship opportunities to college students needing work experience as well.

During their time here, our Youth Entrepreneurs will pickup their Seed Fund-Raiser Boxes and sell candy and the funds that they generate will go towards the initial investment in their own businesses or post secondary education that might be required for their business field.

They can sell as many boxes of chocolate as they can for the duration of their time in the program. To give them a boost towards their success, we will be reaching out to our local business partners to request donations to match as much of the funds that they raise as possible!

We are trying to bring this vision to fruition as soon as possible. Our plan can become a reality with the support of our community.

It is imperative that we stand behind our youth and set them up for success because one day when it is our turn to be the elders, the youth of today are the leaders of our tomorrow! A Sweet Future for them is a Sweet Future for us all!

Best regards...

Vi Washington & William Dortch Sweet Future Project | Leadership Team

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